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The Georgia School Council Institute (GSCI) is a nonprofit organization created in 2000 to help school councils, the school community and the public understand their roles and responsibilities in public education. GSCI is focused on improving student achievement in public schools across Georgia by encouraging collaboration among parents, educators and members of the business community.

The Issues

The Georgia School Council Institute (GSCI) had no network or centralized document management system in place and as a result, employees were unable to collaborate on documents. Employees would edit or revise individual copies, creating multiple versions of the same document. Also, GSCI employees had limited access to information when they were not in the office, so when employees were called away, productivity fell dramtically. With no Internet security measures in place, GSCI was vulnerable to data loss and theft, as well as viruses, spam and Spyware.


NetCom Systems, Inc. installed SBS 2003. Using SharePoint Services, GSCI now has all of its documents stored in one convenient location. GSCI employees can now make multiple edits to the same document instead of creating multiple versions. GSCI is also using the Remote Web Workplace, which allows authorized users to securely access a remote computer, just as if they were physically at its console, anytime, from anywhere. Employees can now continue working even when they cannot come into the office. NetCom Systems, Inc. also installed a firewall to protect GSCI from loss or theft of valuable business data and to keep its network up and running at top speed.


  • GSCI enjoys all the features and benefits of a secure, fast and dependable network and communications straight out of the box.
  • Improved internal communications and office efficiency as employees share information and collaborate on documents real time.
  • Improved productivity and overall performances as employees enjoy the flexibility of remote access and gain secure, instant access to internal documents anytime and from anywhere.
  • Network is secure from spam, viruses and Spyware and critical business information is protected from theft and loss.